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Realtors, you Won't believe what you get for FREE.

Look around, what do you see? Everyone is On their SmartPhones.

Two Critical Points:
First, Buyers need to Find Your Listing on their Phone.
Second, Buyers need to see your Tour in less than 2 seconds!

Go ahead, Do a Mobile Search, What do you see? Not too many listings that display properly with the information you need, right?



Buyers want to pull up to a propery and get All the Information right on their Smart Phones, and they want it in 3 seconds or less!

They Do Not want to make phone calls, text, or click through a bunch of websites. They want info. on That Property Now.

Grab Their Attention

WOW Factor

If you aren't doing something to Grab Their Attention,
you are just like all those other listings out there.

It's time for your Real Estate business to have the


When someone is inside a property what do they do?
They don't sit at the counter and look at pictures, they Walk Through the Property.

Buyers want to pull up to a propery and get All the Information right on their Smart Phones in a few seconds!

We will show you how to do a composite video or a series of videos in the different sections of the property. For inistance, show the outside just like someone would see as they walk up to the home, go in, etc.
Each Properety has it's own Personality and you need to bring that out.

NOTE: We'll get you a Generic Version of this video for your use.

It's All About Technology

You can no longer afford to have a Basic Template Style online presence.
"95% of Searches begin on a Mobile Device."

National Surveys from the National Association of Realtors and GOOGLE.

"Surprisingly Print Ads and Open Houses together don't even come to 3%."

National Surveys from N.A.R. and Real Estate Information Systems.

"Either Engage them on Their Device or Push Them Away, there is NO Middle Ground."


Mobile Problems
"A Full 85% of All the Mobile Sites out there are doing it wrong and pushing folks away."


Our Exclusive Features

Designed to Bring Your Property to the Front.
Click the picture to see more of our Smarter.Marketing sytem.
Dedicated SmarterApp
Give Each Listing an Exclusive Presentation

You need a Dedicated SmarterApp for Each and Every Listing that promotes Only THAT listing.
Buyers don't want to wade through different websites to get to your property, when they find it thats ALL they find.

One Click Full Video Tour

When a buyer pulls up in front of your property, how cool would it be to just look down at their phone to find everything they need, Video Tours, Features, Information, etc?
They Immediately navigate
to What they Want.

Whats-OUT App
Exclusive GeoFence Marketing

Our Business division is bringing this technology to Business Owners, Organizations, Schools and Churches throughout the world.
See this on The App Link.
It's like a Silent Salesman directly to Any mobile device.
(See this system.)

Exclusive Video Conferencing

We will show you how to work with Out of State or Out of Country buyers and take them through a property using Virtual Technology...especially useful for Military Families.


The Commercial arena works slightly differently but the basics still apply.
One major key is the presentation must be more detailed and the follow-up is critical.
Our 24Meeting system plays a big role here because video conferences are the norm when it comes to negotiating million dolar deals. The players are rarely in the same location, let alone the same state.