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Here's the Deal.

Make a minimum $100 Contribution to the Mark Shepherd for Congress campaign and we'll GIVE you this system, Free for One Full Year.
$250 gives you 3 SPOTS, like 3 GeoFences or 3 Beacons, etc.
(System only, beacons sold separately.)

Grab Their Attention and Keep It!

WOW Factor

Our system is a GREAT ADDITION to the app.

The Division App is Great, it finds homes near you.
Our system takes the next step because does quite a few extra things.

It's time for your Real Estate business to have the

Beacons work like This

This short movie shows how they can work.
Imagine someone going through your property and getting what they need, when they need it.

Things usually work fine in your model or open house when you have a sales person for each visitor but what happens when you have 4 visitors at once and only two sales agents?

It's All About Technology

You can no longer afford to have a Basic Template Style online presence.
"95% of Searches begin on a Mobile Device."

National Surveys from the National Association of Realtors and GOOGLE.

"Surprisingly Print Ads and Open Houses together don't even come to 3%."

National Surveys from N.A.R. and Real Estate Information Systems.

"Either Engage them on Their Device or Push Them Away, there is NO Middle Ground."


Mobile Problems
"A Full 85% of All the Mobile Sites out there are doing it wrong and pushing folks away."


Find Listings

Great Addition to

Our App is just One More Way folks will find your listing.
One important feature is your information is presented to the buyer with click to call, tours, links to your main site, whatever you want.
It's a Great compliment to


You control the Size & Location

Your GeoFence can give additional information on your listing when the prospect finds it or arrives.
You have total control, from a full website to a video tour.
It's also portable and you can move it to where you wish to advertise or change listings.


Beacons add that extra feature of Location within your listing.

Place beacons in the listng for detailed informaiton on different areas as the Buyer roams through.
Enter the kitchen, "Here is some Amazing informaiton on this custom kitchen," including links to videos of the appliances, etc.

Google AMP

Mobirise gives you the freedom to develop

In the Mobile world, SPEED is everything. We'll show you How to have information pop-up in the Google AMP format meeting their "Under 2 Seconds" page load benchmark even in bad internet connected areas.

Our Exclusive Features

Designed to Bring Your Property to the Front.
Click the picture to see more of our Smarter.Marketing sytem.
Dedicated SmarterApp
Give Each Listing an Exclusive Presentation

You need a Dedicated SmarterApp for Each and Every Listing that promotes Only THAT listing.
Buyers don't want to wade through different websites to get to your property, when they find it thats ALL they find.

One Click Full Video Tour

When a buyer pulls up in front of your property, how cool would it be to just look down at their phone to find everything they need, Video Tours, Features, Information, etc?
They Immediately navigate
to What they Want.

UtahSave App
Exclusive GeoFence Marketing

Our Business division is bringing this technology to Business Owners, Organizations, Schools and Churches throughout the entire area.
See this on The App Link.
It's like a Silent Salesman directly to Any mobile device.
(See this system.)

Exclusive Video Conferencing

We will show you how to work with Out of State or Out of Country buyers and take them through a property using Virtual Technology...especially useful for Military Families.


The Commercial arena works slightly differently but the basics still apply.
One major key is the presentation must be more detailed and the follow-up is critical.
We'll show you oure 24Meeting system where you can video conference and get a Free Account.
In the commercial arena the players are rarely in the same location, let alone the same state.
This system solves that problem.

We'll close this section with some information on Why your Local MLS?

There are many reasons for dealing with a Professional, Licensed Realtor, but the biggest is Not Getting Ripped Off.