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Some Facts about the MLS is the Consumer Arm of the Wasatch Front Regional MLM, the official Multi Listing Service in Utah.
It's the ONLY Official site so don't get fooled by the non-licensed agents and agencies.

When an agent says, “We'll put you on the MLS," ALWAYS ask, "Which MLS?"  There are companies out there promoting their systems but nothing out there can even come close to WFRMLS.

The biggest violators are those Online Real Estate firms and the Flate Rate Listing folks. Two words...Buyer Beware.
Most of these guys aren't even licensed, which many times is why they can't use the WFRMLS.

Flat Rate Listing:  There are Always those scams out there from folks promising the world, a good example being the USell, HelpSell or Flat Rate Listing guys. They can make all sorts of claims and have no fear of reprisal from the Board of Real Estate because quite frankly, They Aren't Members! In fact, many Aren't Even Licensed.

There is no law preventing someone from taking money from someone else as long as no criminal activity takes place and these folks know how to stay just under the radar so they can fleece you out of $Hundreds and do Very Little.

The chances of you taking them to court are slim, and they know it.

If you want to know more on this, we need to talk.

Out of State Online Systems:  These guys are pretty good at getting your money.  There is usually a fee up front, followed by more fees, and more on top of that for everything you want, like a sign, a contract review, presenting offers, attending the know, the stuff you would expect. Utah Law is VERY CLEAR, all the activieies listed above MUST be done by the Licensed Real Estate agent as a part of their representation, but then again these guys aren't licensed.

Red Flags:  Walk Away

  • Charging Up Front Fees to "Get Things Going."  Companies chaging these up front fees know their chances of success are close to "0" but they don't care, they have your money.
  • Charging Extra for Pictures.  Any professional agency will put their best foot forward and do what it takes to succeed, and may include a host of things. Charging for what they should be doing anyway is just Wrong.
  • Being Evasive or Vague on the "MLS Listing."
  • "We can help you and with our firm you won't have to Pay a commission to a Selling Agent." Utah Law is very specific here as well, your MUST pay a commission to any licensed Real Estate Agent, but again, these guys aren't licensed and therefore not bound by the Division of Real Estate.  To recover any damages you would need to proceed in Civil Court.
  • Charging Extra for Sales Materials or a Sign.  Same as the up front fees, they bleed as much money as possible out of you till you wise up.
  • Charging Extra for Documents or to "Attend the Closing."  Again, Utah Law is Clear, the Licensed Agent MUST do this, to include everything TO and THROUGH the Closing.  (Again that Licensed term.)

I hope you are starting to get the picture.  Unless you are dealing with a Utah Licensed Real Estate Agent, the odds of you working with a crook are quite high. But with so many homes on the market right now these crooks find plenty of suckers because they lead with the "We'll save you a Lot of Money," line.

Instead of thinking like that, why not just Hire a Licensed Real Estate Agent?

That agent will have the Tools to get the job done and will put their best foot forward. In fact, your success is Guaranteed because if they don't sell your porperty you own Nothing! .