What is a GeoFence?

Your appSAVE® system WILL bring prospects to your Listing.

Now it's time to WOW Them.
One App per Listing
Exclusive SmarterApp

What if you could have a Dedicated App for EACH of your listings?
When they pull up, they click on one link and they are in, seeing everything right on their SmartPhone.

Prospects Tour just like they were There

This process is easier than you might imagine, and it's also FREE.

More than One Listing?
Exclusive Proximity Marketing

Put a separate GeoFence on Each Listing. When that one sells, move it to the next after adding the information for that one.
Each one is just One SPOT.

Cross Platform
iThing, AndroidThing, PC Thing, ANYthing

System works on Any Connected device, anytime, anywhere.

Now the Second part of your WOW Factor
And it's FREE.

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The Evolution of Apps

If you are still using an old template style website you have probably noticed a decrease in visitors.
You need to be aware of the 
Google Rules of Engagement.

Retina ready
High resolution screens friendly

App visitors expect crisp, clear graphics, proper display, minimal distractions and most of all, SPEED.

24 Meeting
Works well on all devices and screen sizes

Bringing folks together from Across the Globe to get it done. Get a Free Account.

Multiple Sites
Individual Links for Each Listing

How cool would it be to consilidate all the information on a listing into one, stand alone App? Buyers click and they see everything they need, even if sitting out in front of the property.


When someone is inside a property what do they do?
They don't sit at the counter and look at pictures, they Walk Through the Property.

Buyers want to pull up to a propery and get All the Information right on their Smart Phones in a few seconds!

We will show you how to do a composite video or a series of videos in the different sections of the property. For instance, show the outside just like someone would see as they walk up to the home, go in, etc.
Each Properety has it's own Personality and you need to bring that out.

NOTE: We'll get you a Generic Version of this video for your use in securring listings.

Begin by getting your appSAVE┬«  System

You have ALL the control.

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See Why folks are Downloading the App

We Advertise YOUR Property.

Since we are interntaional, many new folks coming to the area will already have their app.
We are promoting in numerous ways, soon many thousands of local folks will have their apps.

Advanced Technology

Making it EASY for the Buyer.

Think about something. What if you could not only have an incredible system that loads in just seconds, even in areas with poor internet connections, but you could individually showcase each of your listings with their individual SmarterApps? And what if each of them could Reach Out and grab buyers that are in a proximity range you set? Make that one block away or 20 blocks, your choice.

Why is this Critical to You?

If you don't think change is needed and you just want to keep doing your Real Estate business the old way, think about this...

It's about Results

Your GeoFence Finds Them

First you claim your Free Listing on our International App.
You get One GeoFence and our tutorials show you how to set it up.
It's even portable, move it around or re-do it for a new listing.

Next, you tell Everyone to Download YOUR App.

Let it do the Heavy Lifting

It will sit there, churning out Prospects

Since you control the range, you decide what happens...when.
Add Additonal GeoFences, even Beacons for Open Houses, as your needs arise. The system can grow with you as your needs change.

Upgrade your Online Presence

Time for Progressive Web Apps and the new Google AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages.

We'll show you how to have as fancy of an online presence as you want, that you control, and it's FREE,
combined with the AMP project for your listings and tours.

Buyer Friendly

Buyers get to choose how they see your properties, where they go, what informaton they get, etc.

They pull up to your listing after your GeoFence fnds them, they Click on a link or Scan a QR Code and they are immediately seeing your tour...that you put together...For FREE.
And because your tours and details are in AMP, they see it all NOW.

Sound Interesting?

Shoot me an email and I'll send you the tutorial on how to get going, Again for FREE.

Note: Don't worry, you won't be placed on any Spam list, don't really have time for that nonsense.

Also, if you are Out of Utah where I'm licensed, let's talk about you getting this going in your area and making some extra money.